Projects & Goals

Ayoreo-Totobiegosode Biosphere Reserve: Forest Protection

The forest that provides the livelihood for the Totobiegosode and shapes their way of life is currently threatened by massive deforestation for cattle ranching, illegitimate appropriation of land (land grabbing) by settlers and international corporations, and illegal invasions by loggers.

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© Gerald Henzinger

Land Restitution to the Nivacle-Manjui: Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Use

Together with the community of Yacacvash we are looking for alternatives that strengthen self-sufficiency and ways to implement sustainable small-scale land use. We also advocate for an ecological and careful use of land, crops and animals.

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© Verena Dyck

Gran Chaco: Colonisation and Deforestation

The Gran Chaco (approx. 1'000'000 km2) is the largest forested area in the lowlands of South America after the Amazon basin. It has a subtropical climate and is a unique and fragile ecosystem of dry forests and savannas with an exceptional biodiversity. The Chaco is also the homeland of indigenous people (about 250’000 persons): groups that were colonised and resettled since the mid-20th century and groups of the Ayoreode, who still live without permanent contact with the colonising society.

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